Fit Club Lisburn

Fit Club Lisburn combines flexibility,  metabolic workouts, strength training, personalised nutritional intake from Herbalife, ongoing coaching and regular body composition testing to get optimum results. Compare to what you receive at your local health club an exercise programme..without a real focus on measurable results!

Exercise Programme – Fitness Instruction, Aerobics Class

Personalised Nutrition – Herbalife ( Weight Management, Wellness  and Sports Nutrition).

Ongoing Coaching/ Body Compostion Testing – Agnes

Location of the Fit Club – Lisburn

Contact Numbers: 02892 678906  and  07833 465612

It’s not just about exercise. Fit Club is a completely holistic approach, run by a team of fitness professionals and nutrition experts together to help achieve your goals!  This is a unique concept because generally gyms focus purely on fitness; nutrition therapists focus purely on diets, but we all know that the two go hand-in-hand and both things must be addressed simultaneously to get you where you want to be. So for most people, joining a gym, going to Weight Watchers, or cutting down on sugar/beer/puddings alone, is usually never enough! What you need is the complete package! Here it is!

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