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Fit Club Birmingham B9

Zumba dance classes with some African Vibes. Full of fun and provides participants with a total body work out. You don’t need to visit the GYM any more as  Zumba is both a dance and  fitness class. Aside from its heart-health benefits, Zumba provides a workout for the whole body. From head and shoulder rolls that loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, to footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles, this fitness method touches on nearly every muscle and joint. Even those who are just learning the dance steps will find themselves waking up the day after a Zumba class with a definitive post-workout feeling. Hips and abs receive particular attention in the Latin dance and African style, and as with many dance exercise classes, thighs and butts often end up being sore the day after class. Flexibility is not ignored in a Zumba class either, with warm-ups and cool-downs a regular part of Zumba programming.

Fit Clubs combine metabolic workouts, strength training, personalised nutritional intake from Herbalife, ongoing coaching and regular body compostion testing to get optimum results.

Exercise Programme – Zumba and  Personal Training.

Personalised Nutrition Intake – Herbalife (Weight Management, Wellness  and Sports Nutrition).

Ongoing Coaching/ Body Compostion Testing – Benhilda

Location of the Fit Club – Birmingham B9

Contact Numbers: 0121 789 7364   and 07887 527307

Web Site – MindBodyFitnessZone