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Fit Club TelfordFit Clubs combine metabolic workouts, strength training, personalised nutritional intake from Herbalife, ongoing coaching and regular body composition testing to get optimum results.

“Using biomechanics and your own body weight with very minimal equipment and also using Boxing Training and aspects of Martial Arts fitness training as well as Functional Training and R.R.T. ( My own devised style of training using the bodies three energy systems in a cyclic system ) I develop an individuals health and fitness and mental drive to levels you didn’t think were possible.

I promise you now this is not like the basic weights programs you will be given when you join a gym. This will relearn all your muscles to work properly again, making you lighter and faster on your feet and drastically reduce your chance of injuries again and hopefully (assuming it is purely due to lack of use of muscles or bad postural movements) finally get rid of those aches and stiffness you’ve had for so long.” Dave Bragg

Exercise Programme – Bootcamps and Personal Training

Personalised Nutrition – Herbalife (Weight Management and Wellness). Including the Weight Loss Challenge.

Ongoing Coaching/ Body Compostion Testing – Dave Bragg

Location of the Fit Club – Telford

Contact Numbers: 01952 270524  and  07866 818144

Web Site –