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Core Strengthening Exercise – Superman Position

Herbalife fitness expert, Samantha Clayton shares her advice to help you become more active and, consequently, happier. When working out people focus on the muscles they can see, but focusing on your not so visible muscles is important. Samantha Clayton advises that this is especially true of your core muscles so take a moment to think about how you can fit a full body workout into your busy routine. In this video they demonstrate the superman position as core strengthening exercise.

Samantha Clayton Fit Tips – Use Your Arms Effectively As You Run

Herbalife fitness expert, Samantha Clayton shares her advice on how to use your arms to boost your running speed: balanced & efficient runners use their arms effectively every time they run. Try staying relaxed across your upper back instead of hunching your shoulders up to your ears! This stress wastes energy & could slow you down. Professional runners know that if you control your arms then you’ll control your speed and make the most of your work out..

Samantha Clayton Fitness Instructor

Dr Luigi Gratton introduces Samantha Clayton, fitness expert & former competitive sprinter to Herbalife. Samantha brings a wealth of expertise with her as sh’es training with world class coaches and she’s a busy mom to four small children so she understands the pressures of day-today-life. Look out for Samantha’s fitness advice in future.